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Terms and conditions

This page is a google translation of official conditions in French language


The society Touraine Montgolfière SARL and below called « T.M. » or « We »


Any person or legal entity making, or benefiting, an order with the company T.M. below called “The customer” or “You”

Preliminary article

The conditions of sale and transport are deemed to be fully accepted by the customer when validating the order, whether for the customer himself or for a third party. They are tacitly and automatically transferable and applicable to the beneficiary of the service hereinafter referred to as “The passenger”. When placing an order on behalf of others, you must ensure that they accept and abide by TM’s terms and conditions.

These General Conditions of Sale and Carriage are subject to French law and are applicable to all commercial relations between TM and any customer or passenger. They also apply to transport free of charge or at a reduced rate.

All transport is subject to the General Conditions in force on the day of departure. The carrier can modify the present general conditions at its convenience, it is therefore up to the passenger, before his departure, to regularly consult the general conditions put online on the site www.touraine-mongolfiere.fr. They alone take into account any changes to international regulations (ICAO) that may have occurred during the validity of the ticket.

1- Commitment

Following the order placed by the customer, a transport ticket is issued. This ticket constitutes a contract between the carrier, the customer and/or the passenger. The price of the ticket corresponds to the provision of an operational fleet of aerostats as well as the personnel necessary for the management and execution of the flight ordered by the customer over the period of validity of the ticket. The customer therefore undertakes to use his transport ticket before its expiry date. Beyond this date, if the flight has not been made, the ticket is consumed regardless of the reason that may be invoked by the customer. The file will be closed, no extension, no refund or change of holder will be possible.

2- The ticket of flight

Each ticket is nominative and must be presented at boarding, accompanied by an identity document. Any substitution of a passenger’s name or any sale of a ticket by its holder is prohibited. Any change cannot be made without the carrier’s agreement and requires the issuance of a new ticket, charged at 15 euros. The ticket is non-refundable, unless the “cancellation insurance” option was taken out at the time of purchase. In this case, only the price of the flight ticket can be reimbursed but the price of the “cancellation insurance” is never reimbursed. Any operation relating to the ticket (extension, change of holder, refund, etc.) can only be done during the validity of the ticket. A ticket offered by Touraine Montgolfière cannot be modified.

3- Validity of the ticket

The ticket is valid for 1 flight during the tourist season from April 15 to October 15. It is valid for 24 months from the date of issue. The validity can be extended for one year free of charge if your flight has been canceled by TM at least 6 times. If the reservation file reveals a lower number, the extension of the ticket is possible for an amount of 100 €. Any reservation of more than 3 years is definitively expired even if the tickets have not been used.

4- The rates and payment

Prices are subject to change without notice and are expressed in Euros, 10% VAT included. Full payment is required when booking for individual customers (- 17 people). In the case of a group, a deposit of 30% of the total amount is requested when booking. Fifteen days minimum before the date of the flight, the final number of people (state of names) must be communicated to us with the payment of the balance. Tickets are issued and sent once payment has been made in full. Our online payment formula is completely secure. This guarantee is offered to you by the Banque Populaire via the Verifone Paybox console. No one has access to customer bank details. Payment data is transmitted confidentially and encrypted without going through our site.

5- Reservation of the date of the flight

The choice of the date of the flight can be made by telephone or by e-mail. If passengers have booked a room at the Aérogare hotel, it is the responsibility of  passengers to report that a room is associated with their flight. A confirmation of registration of the chosen date is sent by email to the customer. This confirmation being authentic, the customer must ensure its conformity.

6- Confirmation for the flight

Flights are only carried out in good weather conditions, light wind, no precipitation or fog, no stormy conditions. The hot air balloon is an aircraft subject to the rules of the air, published by Civil Aviation, and to the limitations of use published by the manufacturer and the operator. The pilot, captain, is required to respect them.

Depending on the weather forecasts published the day before the flight, the pilots confirm  or not the flight will take place the next day.

The meeting time or the postponement of the flight is sent to passengers the day before their flight date, before 12 noon, by SMS. Passengers must imperatively acknowledge receipt of the message before 6:00 p.m. Otherwise, passengers who have not confirmed their presence on time will be considered absent the next day and the tickets will no longer be valid.

7- Cancellation by Touraine Montgolfière

TM reserves the right to cancel a flight in the light of weather forecasts that are not compatible with flight safety or if the number of passengers is insufficient (mass below the manufacturer’s minimum). The pilot can also decide to change the take-off site, cancel or interrupt the flight at any time. Any flight beyond 30 minutes is considered completed. If the cancellation takes place before take-off, passengers contact Touraine Montgolfière to set a new flight date within the validity of the ticket. TM cannot be held responsible for the various costs incurred following a cancellation (trips, hotel, meals, etc.).

8- Cancellation by the client 

It is possible to postpone your flight with a minimum notice of 96 hours before the reserved date. If this deadline is not respected or in the event of absence at the meeting place at the scheduled time and for whatever reason, the ticket is considered to have been used and no refund will be made even if the cancellation insurance had been taken out.

9- Conditions of boarding

Cell phones must be turned off or in airplane mode. Cameras or telephones used as such, must imperatively be equipped with a security wrist strap. In order for passengers to benefit from maximum space and adopt a correct landing position, backpacks and handbags are not accepted on board. Heeled shoes are not accepted. A light outfit and flat, sports or walking shoes are recommended.

10- Insurances

The risks are covered for amounts comparable to those imposed by the Convention of Warsaw of 1929 and in accordance with the European Regulation 785/2004 which defines the requirements regarding insurances applicable to aircrafts operators. The insurance covers every passenger by virtue of the civil liability related to the carriage for reward for a ceiling in accordance with the current regulations.
An insurance for superior amounts can be signed. Damage to personal objects such as clothing, cameras…, equipment, internal or external prostheses are not included.

11- Physical condition of passengers

The practice of hot air ballooning is accessible to anyone in good physical condition, able to embark and disembark very quickly in a completely autonomous way. To do this, each passenger must be able to step over the nacelle partition (height of 1.20 m with 2 intermediate foot steps). Otherwise, the passenger will not be admitted on board and his ticket will be considered consumed.

Any serious medical problem remains confidential. Only a doctor is qualified to judge the ability to perform a balloon flight. For safety, pregnant women cannot be accepted. Anyone revealing a medical problem on boarding must present a certificate of fitness. Otherwise, it will not be allowed on board. The same is true for anyone under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. In these two cases the ticket will be considered consumed.

12- The children

They are accepted on board from the age of 6 years. The children of less than 13 years must be accompanied with an adult. If the child is not accompanied by his father or her mother, he will have to prove a parental consent. If the child does not possess an ID card, the accompanying adult will have to supply a certificate with the age and the identity of the child.

13- Partnership

The service can be made in partnership with another company also approved by the Civil Aviation for the air transport of the passengers.

14- Right of retraction – Right of access and correction

Provisions of the article L 121-18 of the Code of the Consumption do not apply within the framework of the passengers transport. T.M. is a holder of a certificate of air transport (CTA FO-053). The status of passengers airline company exempts T.M. from the provisions of the articles of the law Hamon. The customer has not the right to withdraw.

The personal data concerning you are used to treat your command and are essential to the realization of your flight. According to data protection acts of January 6th, 1978, you have a right of access and rectification for these data. During the reservation, the buyer will have to enter his telephone number, only used if necessary, to assure the good work processess of the services. These data are not used in other purposes but the buyer is nevertheless informed that he can register free of charge with a body in charge of the management of the list of opposition to the cold calling.

15- Accommodation at l’Aérogare

The room reservations of hotel made on the site www.touraine-montgolfiere.fr allow to obtain conditions of adjournment and advantageous price lists, but this accommodation is not refundable even if it is associated with refundable tickets of flight. If the flight is cancelled by T.M. and you have not used your room, the overnight stay can be used either in the date initially planned, or postponed to a later date within the limits of the validity of the associated ticket.
When the passenger chooses a date of flight, he falls to him to indicate that a room is associated with its flight. The arrivals are planned between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Rooms must be freed before 11:30 am. In case of late departure, a 20-€ supplement per hour may be applied.

16- Litigation

Correspondingly has ` the article L. 152-1 of the code of the consumption, you can resort in the service of mediation CM2C of which we recover, by electronic way “www.cm2c.net or by mail way ” CM2C, 14 rue Saint Jean, 75017 Paris”.