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Terms and conditions


The society Touraine Montgolfière SARL and below called « T.M. » or « We »


Any person or legal entity making, or benefiting, an order with the company T.M. below called “The customer” or “You”

Preliminary article

The terms of sale and of transport are entirely considered accepted by the customer during the validation of the order, whether it is for the customer himself or for a third. They are tacitly and by rights transferable and applicable to the beneficiary of the service below called “The passenger”.
When you make an order for other people, you have to make sure that the latter accept and respect the general conditions of T.M.

The present general terms of sale and of transport are subjected to the French law and are applicable to the set of the business connections between T.M. and every customer or passenger. They also apply to the transport for free or at a reduced price.

All the transport are subjected to the current general conditions the day of the departure. The carrier can modify at his convenience the present general conditions, it is thus up to the passenger, before its departure, to consult regularly, the conditions general on-line publishing on the site to www.touraine-montgolfiere.fr. Only they take into account the possible modifications of the international regulations (ICAO) which would have been able to take place during the validity of the ticket.

1- The ticket of flight

Forms a legally contract between the carrier, the customer and/or the passenger. It is nominative and must be presented to the boarding, will accompany with an ID card. Any substitution of passenger name or any transfer of ticket by his holder is forbidden. Any change cannot be made without the agreement of the carrier and requires the issue of a new ticket, charged 15 euros. The ticket is not refundable, unless the option cancellation insurance was signed during the purchase. In this case, only the price of the flight ticket can be refunded but the price of the “cancellation insurance” is never refunded. Any operation concerning the ticket (extension, holder’s change, refund, etc.) can be made only during the validity of the ticket. A ticket offered by Touraine Montgolfière can be the object of no modification.

2- Validity of the ticket

The ticket is valid for 1 flight during the tourist season (April 1 to October 15) and usable in 24 months as from its date of issue. Any ticket of more than 2 years is out-of-date.

3- The rates

The prices are in Euros and modifiable without advance notice. They include the flight in balloon, the transport of the passengers in vehicle towards the sites of flight, the return after landing towards the point of meeting, the VAT (10 %) and compulsory insurances.

4- Payment

All of the payment is required during the reservation for the individual customers (-from 17 people). In the case of a group, a deposit of 30 % of the total amount is requested during the reservation. Fifteen days minimum front a date of the flight, the definitive number of people (list of names) must be communicate with us with the regulation of the balance. Tickets are established and sent, once the payment was made in its entirety.

5- On-line payment

Our on-line method of payment is totally secured. This guarantee is proposed to you by La Caisse d’Épargne via the e-commerce console Paybox. No person has access to the account ID of the customers. The data relative to the payment pass in transit in a way confidential and coded without passing by our site.

6- Reservation of the date of the flight

The choice of the date of the flight can be made by telephone or by e-mail. He falls to the passengers enjoying an overnight stay to indicate that a room is associated with their flight.

7- Confirmation for the flight

You have to, the day before the flight, contact T.M. by telephone between 11:00 am and 12:30 am or between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm, to obtain the hour of the appointment or the possible reschedule in case of unfavorable weather forecasts.

8- Cancellation by Touraine Montgolfière

T.M. reserves the right to cancel a flight in view of the not compatible weather forecasts with the safety of the flights or if the number of registered passengers is insufficient. In these cases the ticket remains valid and another date is fixed.

9- Cancellation by the client

It is possible to postpone its flight with a minimum advance notice of 96 hours away from the date booked. If this deadline is not respected or in case of absence on the meeting place at the planned hour and whatever is the reason, the ticket is considered as used and no refund will be made even if the cancellation insurance had been subscribed.

10- Cancellation by the pilot – Safety of the flights

The flights are only made by good weather conditions, low wind, no precipitation, no fog, no stormy conditions. The hot-air balloon is an aircraft subjected to the rules of the air, published by the Civil Aviation, and in the limitations of employment published by the manufacturer and the developer. The pilot, the captain, has to respect them. For these reasons, he can decide to change site of take-off, to cancel or to interrupt the flight at any time. If the cancellation takes place before the take-off, the ticket remains valid. Any flight beyond 30 minutes is considered made. T.M. cannot be held responsible for the various expenses incurred due to cancellation (travel, hotel, meal …).

11- Conditions of boarding

Mobile phones must be switched off or in mode plane. Cameras, telephones as such camera, must be necessarily equipped with a shoulder or hand strap. To ensure that the passengers benefit from a maximum of space and adopt a correct position of landing, backpacks and handbags are not accepted on board. Shoes with heels are not accepted. A little fragile dress and flat shoes, sport or walking are recommended.

12- Insurances

The risks are covered for amounts comparable to those imposed by the Convention of Warsaw of 1929 and in accordance with the European Regulation 785/2004 which defines the requirements regarding insurances applicable to aircrafts operators. The insurance covers every passenger by virtue of the civil liability related to the carriage for reward for a ceiling in accordance with the current regulations.
An insurance for superior amounts can be signed. Damage to personal objects such as clothing, cameras…, equipment, internal or external prostheses are not included.

13- Medical requirements

Flying in a hot air balloon is practicable by any person in good physical condition. Any serious medical problems remain confidential.Only a doctor is qualified to judge the capacity to make a flight in balloon. By safety, the pregnant women cannot be accepted. Every person revealing a medical problem to the boarding has to present a Certificate of aptitude. Otherwise, it will not be admitted on board. It is the same for every person under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. In these two cases the ticket will be considered as used.

14- The children

They are accepted on board from the age of 6 years. The children of less than 13 years must be accompanied with an adult. If the child is not accompanied by his father or her mother, he will have to prove a parental consent. If the child does not possess an ID card, the accompanying adult will have to supply a certificate with the age and the identity of the child.

15- Partnership

The service can be made in partnership with another company also approved by the Civil Aviation for the air transport of the passengers.

16- Right of retraction

Provisions of the article L 121-18 of the Code of the Consumption do not apply within the framework of the passengers transport. T.M. is a holder of a certificate of air transport (CTA FO-053). The status of passengers airline company exempts T.M. from the provisions of the articles of the law Hamon. The customer has not the right to withdraw.

17- Right of access and correction

The personal data concerning you are used to treat your command and are essential to the realization of your flight. According to data protection acts of January 6th, 1978, you have a right of access and rectification for these data. During the reservation, the buyer will have to enter his telephone number, only used if necessary, to assure the good work processess of the services. These data are not used in other purposes but the buyer is nevertheless informed that he can register free of charge with a body in charge of the management of the list of opposition to the cold calling.

18- Accommodation at l’Aérogare

The room reservations of hotel made on the site www.touraine-montgolfiere.fr allow to obtain conditions of adjournment and advantageous price lists, but this accommodation is not refundable even if it is associated with refundable tickets of flight. If the flight is cancelled by T.M. the overnight stay can be used either in the date initially planned, or postponed to a later date within the limits of the validity of the associated ticket.
When the passenger chooses a date of flight, he falls to him to indicate that a room is associated with its flight. The arrivals are planned between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Rooms must be freed before 11:30 am. In case of late departure, a 20-€ supplement per hour may be applied.

19- Litigation

Correspondingly has ` the article L. 152-1 of the code of the consumption, you can resort in the service of mediation CM2C of which we recover, by electronic way “www.cm2c.net or by mail way ” CM2C, 14 rue Saint Jean, 75017 Paris”.