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Balloon flights

With 35 years of aviation experience, Touraine Balloon ® and its professional pilots from fighter aviation will share their passion and will make you discover their region. (At a slow speed…)

A unique and unforgettable adventure. Flights are taking place from April 1st until October 15th, mornings or evenings, depending on favorable weather conditions… calm winds with no rain, fog or risk of storm.

We are mainly taking off from Chenonceau, Amboise, and Chaumont.
This celestial adventure takes approximately 3 hours and is organized as follows

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Pilote Dominique


-- Pilot

Along with his 27 years service as a fighter pilot, Dominique has been extremely interested in hot air ballooning since the 1990s. As Flight Safety Directing Officer in the Air Force, his experience allowed Touraine Montgolfière to rapidly become a reference.

Pilote Franck


-- Pilot

Franck became a glider pilot at the age of 17 and then joined the School of the Air. His training as a fighter pilot allowed him to become a civilian commercial airline pilot at 25, before being hired as a pilot in aerial works by Klaus Ohlmann, specialist in extreme glider flights holding 8 world records.


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