Our Balloons

We offer you a large fleet of balloons. We have all basket sizes from 1 to 16 places.
The greater the number of passengers, the greater the number of balloons taking off together. And the greater the show is...

Unlike small baskets that have developed from leisure flying, balloons for public transport provide unequivocal comfort and security.

Touraine montgolfière


Extra space and increased visibility.
Excellent stability during takeoff, flight and landing.
No raised arms of the pilot in front of you.
Rotational ventails providing a 360° panorama.
After postponing a flight due to weather, you do not wait for a new flight date.
Our fleet fits your schedule.


Internal partitions separating each group.
Padded compartments free from any object that could cause injury.
Propane cylinders are isolated from the passengers and the pilot has a clear workspace (controls, visibility...).
If landing with the basket on its side, the passengers in the upper compartments do not crush those below.
More burners, more power, less risk of failure.
Under French regulations, this type of balloon guarantees that you are with an experienced pilot.

Basket of 1 to 2 passengers.

Basket of 2 to 3 passengers

Basket of 4 to 5 passengers

Basket of 6 to 10 passengers, compartments holding 2 to 3

Basket of 10 to 12 passagers, compartments holding 2 to 3

Basket 12 to 16 passengers, compartments holding 3 to 4