Touraine Montgolfière is the leading company in Indre et Loire, specilized in public passenger transport in hot air balloons. Our pilot's experience, gained in the French Air Force, has quickly led to the company becoming the point of reference in safety and flight organization.

Located in the heart of the Loire Valley, Touraine Montgolfière offers high quality services based at the most pretigious sites in the region.


Our strong points


We have pilots from civil and military professional aviation. 
Touraine Montgolfière's directors are also the company's main pilots, with in-depth experience gained in the French aviation fighting force.
Touraine-Montgolfière enjoys the highest aeronautical qualifications and three instructor pilots.

The highest distinction in the aeronautical world, the « médaille de l’aéronautique » (medal of aeronautics) was awarded to our Chief Pilot , by the Minister of Defense.

OUR BASE : L'Aérogare

The Touraine Montgolfière Terminal "AEROGARE"  is an  exclusive building, perfectly adapted to the balloon flights.

- Warm welcome and comfortable accommodation
- Waking up or spending the evening without worrying about taking the road at night
- Passenger check-in inside or on the terrace
- No additional costs for accommodation   


The company is certified by the Directorate of Civil Aviation Security under the n° F-O-053. It also has a prefectural order (F-O 2011-LEB-326) authorizing the use of hot air balloons as air transport. It meets the latest French and European standards in force as well as optional recommendations.

Touraine Montgolfière has an Air Transport Certificate and an Operating Licence issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.     


Tickets are paid before the flight. This system guarantees you :
- That your flight won't be cancelled on the departure base because of a lack of passengers.
- That the pilot won't take off when there are poor weather conditions. 
Flights take place in good weather. In the case of strong wind, thunderstorms, rain or fog, flights are postponed free of charge. Confirmation of a flight is given the day before in order to avoid unnecessary costs (travel and accomodation).


Our equipment is constantly renewed and in conformity with the most recent applicable standards and recommandations.
Whilst having its own servicing program, Touraine Montgolfière gives the maintenance of its balloons to a specialized independent certified agency. This practice is not compulsory, but the decision of Touraine Montgolfière to provide maximal security.


No intermediary: with a ticket from Touraine Montgolfière, you are informed, welcomed and driven by employees of Touraine Montgolfière, in the company's vehicles and hot air balloons.
Touraine Montgolfière and its staff are located in the very heart of the Loire Valley region.  

Every member of our crew is personally involved in the company in order to give you the best. We know and preserve our region.